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Default Re: Critique Video: 105' cast

Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
Agreed, but only if the person casting perfected their casts at the ranges listed before breaking the 100' mark.
I wish the video Flash Player would allow slo-mo or at least a usable stop and start to better see what is going on in the video.
What I did see in your video is a darn nice cast. It appears that you start your hauls a bit early in the stroke which is quite common. If you can delay the haul a bit it could help you gain a bit more distance.
On each of the casts in your video it looks as though you could have more line off of the reel than you did. It looks like you could have easily shot more line if you had it already peeled off.
Nice casts indeed. The real trick is getting distances like you did on a 5 weight!

I will try to repost the vid so as you can see it in slow motion. As I said in a post a while back I am getting to the point in my distance casting that I am down to the nitty gritty (small things) that are going to get me any more distance. Truth be told I am topping out right now at about 128'- 130' with my 8wt, and at about 108' ro 110' with my 5wt. I could have definately had more line off the real, but was just trying to give you an idea of my stroke at long distances in general. Again, I'll see if I can get a slow mo player posted so we can really disect these casts.

Thanks Guys
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