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There is a great deal of difference in hackle (rooster - hen, neck - saddle, etc.). I have purchased $5 Chinese and they work well on wet flies but there is a lot of waste. I have also purchased Metz (the best - engineered chickens for fly feathers) for up wards to $50 for tying dry flies and found more usable feathers. Since I am not a wealthy man I still buy both.

When I started tying, I would say I need some materials, then I would go and buy some materials. When I got home and wanted to tie something, I had the wrong color, size or was missing materials. I still have materials I purchased 10 years ago and never used. Expensive lesson.

The question is, what do you want to tie? Look at a book or 3 or go online and select some flies you want to tie, write down a list of materials and then go to the shop. A good book will tell you what you need as far as quality. A good rule of thumb is for dry flies, use the best you can get. If you are still not sure, post which fly you want to tie on this site and ask if you can use the cheap feather.
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