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I guess ill update incase anyone was thinking about fishing the Casselman anytime soon. The water level is a little low but still very fishable. We got one nice brown early in the morning and throughout the day ended up with two(and losing 7 others but thats the way it goes). Even had one grab my fly when it was a foot off the bank sitting there while i was lighting a smoke...ended up snapping my line aroung a rock...there went 4 brownie was caught on a #14 Quill Gordon and the other on a #16 yellow Sulfer Fly Dun. We had a few strikes on small stonefly nymphs(yellow and black) and one on a #16 black Elk Hair Caddis. Quite a variety. Trout were rising constantly all day. One thing for sure is there are ALOT of trout in there. The runs and riffles are the key places to fish it seems and the water depth made no difference in the amount of fish. Even the shallow riffles only 4-6 inches deep were teeming with trout. We started fishing at 6AM(left the house at 3:30AM...long haul) and fished until mid-afternoon. We parked at the Penn Alps restaurant right along side the river which was pretty cool because theres a nice little village there with gift shops and stuff to mosey around in after fishing. Overall it was a pretty good day and as every day fly fishing is, alot of fun. Anywhos if anyone is going there soon, hope this helps in some way.
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