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Default Re: What am I doing wrong?!

Blue has never been kind to me and dream stream can be tough. If on one of the more technical rivers new to me, I always, always, always stop at a local shop to get the skinny (and even though I tie my own, buy at least a couple of flies they recommend for their trouble). Most will give you tips on how to fish them which can be the difference between a good day and a frustrating day. If you are new to the sport (or even not so new if you can afford it), a guide can really shorten the learning curve on something you are going to fish again. Having said all that, it can be really rewarding to be persistent and figure it our for yourself. I'm no expert but a couple of things I see a lot that can really hurt your success- fishing too fast and wading where the fish are. If fishing clear water, look for fish to cast to- spend time fishing to fish rather than fishing water if that makes sense. You knew all that already but now it's out of the way and someone who knows something that can help can chip in.
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