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Default Re: Trade my St. Croix Legend Ultra for a Legend Elite???

I have three 3 wt rods. A 2 pc 7' , a 4pc 7' 9" and a 4 pc 7' 6". They are all on the short length because of how I use them. I like short 3 wt rods as I am doing small stream light weight fishing. The areas usually have limited space do to the amount of vegitation. I also usually need to hike into the area of the stream. Also, at times my casting needs to be creative in how the I am presenting the fly.
Now if you desire there are companies who make 9' three wts if that is what you need. I think Frank gave excellant information and a very good recomendation in the Scott rod( my wife sure knows that I like Scotts)and the St Croix choices. But if I may make one more suggestion in that a 3wt 2pc rod could be the option you are looking for. Both the Avid and the Sage Fli have this option.
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