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Default Re: As if I need another expensive hobby...

I began by buying a cheap kit for $40 from a supplier in Glasgow, Scotland and quite frankly wish I hadn't. The vice is so cheap I had to get a stronger one as it wouldn't even hold hooks properly. It had one bobbin holder, one hackle pliers, one completely useless pair of dull scissors, and one spool of black and one spool of red fine thread, two cards of chenille, a cheap pack of mixed color cock hackles, one cock pheasant center tail feather, one pack of peacock herls and a sparse spool of gold and silver tinsel, no instructions or list of patterns to tie to get started and a cheap plastic box which broke in shipping. Even if you pay more for a kit you still get lumbered with materials you'll likely seldom if ever use. Best to look at the easier patterns you wish to tie and buy the materials to tie them. If you start with two very easy patterns such as the grhe(gold-ribbed hare's ear and ptn(pheasant tail nymph you need only 1. hooks 2. thread 3. gold tinsel, hare's ear fur 4.cock pheasant tail feather. When you get proficient tying theseflies then you can work on variations. Once you catch a fish on a fly you've tied yourself -That's when You get hooked-and that's when it gets expensive!
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