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Default Re: What am I doing wrong?!

Oldfatman - Thanks for the advice. I've heard about the Blue being rough for others as well so I think you're on to something with that one. When I fish, I actually always observe the water for a long period of time before fishing. If I don't see fish rise or anything action, I'll just cast where I think fish are. The water in every place I've went to has been a lot less clear than usual and I think it's just the bad weather that has been following us around for the past couple of months. I need to listen to your advice regarding excessive wading though as I'm guilty of that.

Troutbuk_bk - Is this bear lake you're talking about? Where is bear creek? Thanks

Mcnerney - Thanks, I'll look into that.

Fyshstykr - I think the only things that has changed since I've been there last year is the drastic amount of rainfall. The water level is very high compared to what it's at last year and the flow is a lot faster too. I think this makes for a pretty bad fishing experience. I'm horrible at nymph fishing and have been trying to find some youtube videos but they are pretty rare. To start, I think a sinking line like you suggested would help a lot. How do you suggest fishing faster waters? Thanks for the help.
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