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Default Re: what are your priorities when buying a rod?

do you find fly rods generally too expensive?

Some of them seem expensive, but others seem reasonable.

is location of the manufacturer important to you?

It does not really matter.

would you try a new brand of rod, and if so, what would compel you to try a new brand?

If those rods are meeting my needs, I will give a try. About 2 years ago, I never heard of Greys but I found that the company was making a 10 foot rod, which at that time I thought I needed. I am happy with the product.

would you purchase a rod online?

Yes I would do so. There are some nice fly shops out there which allow me to try them as long as I do not pill off the plastic wrap of the cork of the rod.

what is your number one complaint about fly rods in your experience?

Maybe I am spoiled by the great service that I got from the Templefork’s customer service where they just replace any broken section of a rod. Compared to that, other companies overall seem to charge way too much for any repair. I understand that sometimes those companies seem to have legitimate reasons to charge us for so much, but some price tag for repair makes me to scratch my head.

do you feel there are a shortage of brand choices, or is the market flooded?

Although there are many companies, I do believe that there are lots of room to improve on the part of the rod. And there are many guys who are itching to add one more rod. So if anybody makes a good rod, there will be a customer.
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