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Default Fly rod and Reel Advice Needed

Hi All,

Just joined the forum and I'm looking for some advice with regards to buying a new fly rod and reel.

Ive just moved over to the US from the UK and im now living in turners falls MA. Ive fly fished for all sorts of fish in the UK, but i still feel new to fly fishing and definately have a lot more to learn about fly fishing, fly tying and a lot of the terminology.

Im looking to buy a new fly rod to fish for trout and bass and other stuff in the area. I would like to buy a 9' 5wt rod and a reel to go with it. I have been looking at the orvis clearwater ii rod/reel combo? does any know much about this rod and reel? and is it any good? I have been looking at other makes such as TFO, reddington, white river etc but as im from the uk i have no idea what these companies are like. Ive gone for orvis so far simply because i know what im getting from them but im keen to find out more about other american based companies. Does anyone have any rod/reel recommendations?

I have thought about Sage and G loomis but i cant justify spending that amount of money, when i just want a fairly decent rod and reel for catching trout and bass. I dont want to spend anymore than about $370 (for rod/reel/line). If i can get a good set up for less that would be a bonus.

Any imformation would be great help. Once im sorted i can get out fishing.

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