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Default Re: Cape Cod Stripers

In case anyone is interested, the fishing was pretty good, but couldn't find any keepers. Caught a dozen 4 to 5 lb. schoolies on the fly on an outgoing tide yesterday morning. Not big fish but alot of fun on an 8 wt. Fish were caught in about 4 ft. of water just outside a narrow and deep inlet into a salt pond on the south side of the Cape near Menauhant. Fish seemed to be holding on this shallow are waiting for bait to be carried out of the pond. Used an intermediate line with a heavy olive clouser that matched the color of the bait fish swimming around my feet. Cast across the tidal current, count to five and then a quick one handed strip as the fly is carried down current. They usually hit when the fly approached the edge of the strong current. Great fun. Sorry, no pictures.

Also tried fishing the deeper part of the same inlet at full high tide with a full sinking line in hopes of finding the big boys hanging out in the deep water, but had no success. Will try again later this summer.
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