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Default Re: Question- Leader Lengths/ Fly sizes????

So you got a 5wt. Its an over all good well rounded wt. Now you say you want to hit bass with it. hm...lets begin easy. First off you must know what water and structure you are fishing in. Any area that has a lot of hard cover, weeds, rushes, liliepads, or wood would not be a good place to bring the 5wt. See the thing is bass often wont jump untill they are pulled from their cover. Their main mode of getting away is to dash back into the cover. If you cannot stop them with the rod you have, you face having to drag them out of the weeds...something 99.9% of 5wts cannot do. If you are fishing over rocks, sand, or in areas of a river like a hole, a 5wt would do very well. Just remember that if you hit a big fish you must be ready to chase after or fight your best fight you have ever done. For example a friend of mine just got into some smallie fishing on a river in minnesota. The 5wt rod he was given to use at the time (not his own rod or equipment) he felt was a bit light for the fish they were getting. He has fished for trout in montana for many years and does have a good grasp on things. Now let us talk about lures. For the most part a 5wt rod will do just fine for the flies you would want to cast for a bass. Muddler minnows, popers, and small clouser minnows are top for bass. Since all bass can be taken on topwater a popper would be best since they are easy to cast and you get to see the strike visually. If your in heavie cover and are using something like a mag clouser minnow (heavier weight and larger size) or some of the other weighted minnow or crawfish patterns out there a 5wt might be a bit too flimzy for them. I personally use a 5wt and a 9wt. The 5wt I use with my lighter mylar minnows, clousers, topwaters, small crawfish, and a few other smaller flies that are prefect for bass. If I need to use something that can get through weeds a bit better or just get closer to the bottom and stay down I grab for more weight, that is when I turn to my 9wt. My 9wt I picked up for pike fishing and it hulls out the heavier/bulkier flies very well. If you talk with a lot of fly guys that do fish on and off for smallies one big thing that will come up is hooking. See a 5wt and a larger hook dont go very well together. I have had problems hooking smallies with my 5wt and anything over a size 4 hook. Since I use a lot of size 1 to 5/0, the 5wt dont have the power to drive in the bigger hooks. I stay with size 4-8 when casting my 5wt. The best advice I can give you after you have read this is look over where u are fishing, give you 5wt a try and see if going up to a 7 or even an 8wt rod is needed.
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