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Default TFO BVK Rod Balance

Hi guys

I'm planning to buy a 9' 6# TFO BVK rod. However, I am not sure what reel will balance this rod well. Unfortunately, the fishing shops in my area leave a lot to be desired, so I can't try out combinations in person and will have to buy online.

I noticed that TFO have BVK reels, which are presumably made to balance well with the BVK rods. The 9' 6# BVK rod weighs 3oz and the 5/6# BVK reel weighs 4.9oz. Do those weights sound about right? Based on other outfits I have seen, it seems to me that the BVK reel is a bit to heavy for the rod.

Assuming 4.9oz is suitable, is it safe to say that any 4.9oz large arbour reel would provide a similar balance? The BVK reel is outside my price range and I would rather get a Lamson Guru, which also weighs 4.9oz.

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