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Default Re: lake fly fishing

I've found that shallow parts of lakes can be fished just like the pools of streams, either with dry flies (if the fish are rising particularly), or with nymphs, or streamers either on a floating or sinking line. However, depending on if you're on the shore or in a boat, if you're after bluegill, bass, or muskie, the types of flies and the depths at which you'd want to be fishing them can vary greatly (and probably a whole page could be written about each different method of lake fishing for each species), so more info about the lakes and type of fishing you want to do will help us give a better answer.
The other flies, n., pl.
1. dry flies, nymphs, emergers, terrestrials, streamers, etc.
2. What I use when a black #10 woolly bugger isn't catching.
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