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Default today learned more

When out with my son the last two days. Only two fish but still learning. Yesterday learned that the better the presentation the better chance to catch fish. I cast over 20 times with nothing, slowed down elbow in no wrist, first cast small brookie.

Today learned rt fly then you catch fish. Didn't see anything thing on the surface very little rising. Once about every 15 minutes. Talked with a few guys as they left and they said "they were hitting Adams." I tied a Hair Caddies going by the chart Son ties a Adams third cast I land a small Brookie son nothing. Go with your gut.

With all that said I have a few questions.
The fish today I cast the fly on the edge of the faster current and the fish hit it as it entered the faster current. Is that normal?
With nothing rising what is the best option? Midge or what/

Thanks for the input still learning.

P.S. Did limit out on trees and tall weeds.
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