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Default Re: Abaco bonefishing film

Originally Posted by gatortransplant View Post
Nice video Johan! That looks like iMovie video editing to me, is that what it is? I love videos like these, they make me want to both go fishing AND videotape it. Oh and the fishing looked fun too
Thanks man.
Yes, have used iMovie for the editing job. And YES, the fishing was fun fun fun..;-)This was the second movie I've made using it and have to say it was real easy to work with. It is not easy both videotaping and fishing at the same time, but using a GoPro, along with different types of mounts made it a lot easier! But of course, 80% of what I managed to get on film turned out to be sh@it..
Will try and get the time to make a "Chasing tails in Abaco II" after my next trip in Nov/Dec.

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