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Re: greetings from Georgia!

I went out to the pond yesterday afternoon to fish but way too hot,not one bite,I think I will try the mornings a little cooler,we put a few Cat Fish in about 3 months ago,at the end of the dock we have a feeding ring made from pvc pipe,we throw floating fish food in the ring and you should see the large amount of fish that come to feed,they always come up no matter what , I think they are like programmed for an easy meal, even the Cat Fish come up which are a bottom feeder,my son is out there fly fishing with a streamer about a month ago and locks into two of those Cat Fish,the two fish are about 4 lbs each and what a fight for a 6 wt fly rod ,it took him about 5 min to land those each,I was surprised that a Cat Fish would hit a streamer but I guess anything is possible,it is 4 am here and I think I will go fishing,goodby for now.have a good and safe day.
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