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Default Re: What release tool do you use?

What's a release tool?

I always use barbless hooks and the only fish, that I fish for, that swallow a lure so far I can't simply get it out with my fingers are bass. I rarely fish for bass, but when I do, I use foreceps to grab the hook and either a net or (usually just) my hands to grab the fish. When I fish for trout, I use a net to grab the fish and usually the hook will come out on its own as the fish flops around in the net. If the hook doesn't come out on its own, I just use my fingers. Trout tend not to swallow hooks from what I've seen so the foreceps would never get used whenever I brought them on trout fishing trips. Now, for mixed fisheries, where a bass and trout are of equal likelihood to eat my hook, I'll often bring foreceps anyway, even if I'm targeting trout.
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