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Default Re: Does ORVIS usually have any decent off-season sales?

If I can find some other outfits out there where the manufacturer will guarantee the rods for 25 year (no questions asked) then I'll definitely entertain them. I'm more than sure I could get in to this thing a lot cheaper than starting with Orvis but I've also learned with many things in the past that sometimes you get what you pay for. Since I'm just starting out... I could see myself doing something stupid and breaking a rod or two or three. With a 25-year no questions asked guarantee I wouldn't feel as bad if I ended up doing something stupid and damaged my rod.

Unfortunately I don't think Orvis will give the 25-year guarantee to EBAY auctions unless the entity auctioning the item is an authorized Orvis dealer. But if I can find an authorized Orvis dealer that has a decent sale on their gear then that wouldn't be too bad.

I'm sure there are more affordable and even better equipment out there. But having talked to many people who have had to take advantage of Orvis' 25-year guarantee and their customer service... I'm willing to pay a little bit more for peace of mind.

Can you guys recommend some other dealers out there that have comparable warranties and customer service? I'll definitely look at them too!
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