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Default Re: new GL3 1086-4....casting problems

Hi Fever ...

I'm very familiar with the GL3 series. If you bought a 6-weight, use a 6-weight line - not a 5-weight - especially when learning. It does not require overlining in any circumstance I can think of.

If you are using my techniques, you really need to go through each step from the beginning and check each one you do correctly. For example: (1) Grip correct? (2) Wrist de-cocked? (3) Open stance? (4) Rod tip down? (5) Line straight to the front? (6) No slack in the line? (7) Watching the lift into the backcast? (8) Backcast up and out? (9) FlickStop??? (10) Wrist now cocked? (11) hand now palm up and cannot see thumbnail? (12) Line forms loop ...

If any of these 12 points went lacking, the backcast can easily collapse because your wrist was not tightly controlled.

I've long argued that the backcast is the most important aspect of fly casting. If your problem is the backcast, it's best corrected now before too many bad habits set in. Worry about shooting line later. Practice the backcast without the forward cast until it begins to come naturally.

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