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Default Help with Fly Fishing in the Great Lakes Surf

Fly fishing the surf in the Great Lakes is not popular so there isn't a lot of information available and I'm having trouble deciphering and translating the mess of what is available - hence my inquiry here.

My primary target species will be brown trout because they can be found within cast-able distances even on the hottest days of the year (under the correct conditions) but I would also like to hit salmon and steelhead during their runs. The fish will be anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds with an average probably in the low teens. From what I can gather, I will be throwing big imitator flies from 3 to 6 inches (both weighted and unweighted... 1/0 and 2/0) - perhaps even bigger.

The confusing part comes to rod and line selection.

When I look into the magic eightball, it appears that a 9 or 10 weight rod would suit this need (confirmation here would be nice, however). It also appears that I want a longer rod and a shooting-head system for long overhead casts. What isn't clear is whether I want a single hand or two handed rod. It seems like a two hand rod would be best, since the main goal is to cover a lot of water - but this isn't clear. Is there some requirement for the single-hand rod?

I figured that, since I am just doing conventional, unobstructed overhand casting, I would just pair up the rod to the corresponding weight shooting head (i.e. - 10wt rod, 10wt head). A lot of what I am reading indicates that I should be over-lined by as much as 2 sizes (i.e. - 8wt rod, 10wt head). If this is correct, then do I size the rod or the line based on the fly throwing requirement?

To complicate things, I also see the eventual need for spey techniques. I see that a lot of two-hand rods are of the spey variety but I also understand that overhand casting is a different beast with different line requirements. Is it possible to do double duty here (overhand plus spey on the same rod) or is this fundamentally incompatible?

Comments and suggestions are welcome (rod length, type, line weight, type, single, double, etc).
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