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I simply said that I have never been ice fishing (in reference to there being an off-season for trout fishing). I'm sure for some of the hardcore guys... there is NEVER an offseason. I didn't mean it as trout rivers and streams *never* freeze. I just know of a lot that do. I'm not a winter hiking through backcountry snow kind of guy to find that part of the stream that may not be frozen so for *me* there would definitely be an off-season unless I decided to take up ice fishing.

No need to make it any more than what it is. I didn't mean to start an internet feud. Obviously depending on different parts of the country, weather conditions, size of water, flow of water, etc... some streams will be frozen over and others not. I was just stating (for me) I'm not gonna go back-country hiking in the snow to find a fish-able spot that isn't frozen. I'm not that hardcore. I'll just wait 'till Spring.

Cheers folks. Don't let the seriousness of the interwebz get your blood pressure high.

Beautiful pic OP!
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