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Default Re: Customer Service....

I just want to give kudos to Templefork. Perhaps that company's service and friendship with guys working there are the reasons why I got into this fly fishing frenzy. About four years ago I brought a temple fork two piece rod to the service center in Dallas, my first rod which I ruined due to my inexperience. A couple of guys at the service place came out with a big smile on their face and wanted to talk about what kind of fishing I was doing and so on. They just look at my rod and go back to the inventory section of the building and gave me a new part, and told me that fish hard and if something happens bring it back to them.

That was the beginning of my relationship with them. Last week I visited them just for checking out their new rod calle BVK which so many of us here find it such a good rod. Anyway I talked with one of the guys (I do not want to give out his name because I think so many people want to spend time with him now a days. His name is not Lefty ) and he showed me how to cast up to 100 foot. He is not a tall guy, about 5 7 or 8 ish. He just took out BVK 6 wt and after several false casting and a long back casting, he shoot the line all the way to the backing. I show my casting and he gave some tips.

One thing that impressed me most about this guy was that he put his guide net on the wall of his office. He told that he was excited to help and see people catch fish, and the net was some sort of reminder for him that fly fishing is all about caring about others.

When I was about to leave, he lend me two BVKs for about a month to try. He knows that I am crazy about Czech nymphing. Recently the temple fork produced a 3 wt 10 foot rod which in other website is known as one of the favorite weapons in their quiver. I want to give a try and give a report when I go fishing at the end of this month.

Some companies sell good products but a great company inspires people with their passion for what they are doing.
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