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Default Re: Customer Service....

I can attest to the CS at Allen Fly Fishing. I purchased my 9/10 alpha II a month or so ago and was very pleased when it arrived. Probably two weeks later I came home from fishing and their was another package from Allen on the doorstep. I'm assuming the second reel was sent on accident as I ordered during the time they were moving facilities.

I called Justin and asked where they would like the second reel shipped back to (I only paid for one) as it was clearly mistake as they work out the bugs during expansion. He asked me if I had any family or friends that fly fished. I said yes my brother and I fish together often and he told me to gift it to him or something along those lines.

At first I was hesitant to blast my story on a forum as sometimes I feel by reading about occurrences such as mine it can cause some individuals to feel its now a precedent or that they should be entitled to something greater then just good service. However, I decided to share it as this kind gesture has tied me to their company now as well as my brother who scored a quality reel for free. I want to share the story so those like me who were debating dealing with a small company without getting their hands on the product first, can be assured they would be dealing with a top notch company.

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