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Originally Posted by kevthebassman View Post
I always go out of my way to sing the praises of companies that give excellent customer service. For any of you fellows out there like me who are into firearms: Thompson Center are a pleasure to deal with. Ruger is an absolutely fantastic company who will really go the extra mile for their customers, I'm a customer for life.

I will keep Ocean Kayak in mind if/when I'm in the market.
Speaking of firearms and great customer service... I don't know if it gets any better than the customer service at Springfield Armory.

I won a couple of their pistols in a contest this year (an XDM .40 3.8 compact and a Range Officer 1911). The rules clearly stated that any items won in the contest would have absolutely NO warranty what-so-ever and were to be accepted "as-is". Well when I opened up the 1911 when I got it... it has adjustable rear sights and the rear sight on mine was broken (when turning the screws to adjust up/down or left/right it did nothing). I contact SA letting them know about the issue and said I understood that it was not warrantied but I would be more than happy to pay to have them fix the site. They said to ignore the "lawyer speak" of the contest and to rest assured that they would warranty those two handguns for me for life. They sent me an RMA to have it overnighted to their facility free of charge. I shipped it off at lunch on a Wednesday... they contacted me early Thursday letting me know they had received it, they replaced the sight, sighted it in for 25 yards, had two different smiths test it out to make sure it worked properly, did a full inspection of everything else to make sure nothing else was wrong with the gun and already had it in the mail on it's way back to me. I received it by 10am the next day on Friday morning.

They have a customer for life in me!
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