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Default Re: Wind knots in tippet or leader

Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
... if you need a tool to get the wind knot out, the damage is already done
I have to disagree with you on this one Rip, at least when it comes to leaders! Depending on the leader material you can often get knots out of a leader with no damage, especially furled leaders (when you get the ocassional wind knot), but even mono or fluoro knotless leaders. I use a couple of inexpensive Rocky Mountain T-Pik tools (also known as a Fisherman's Knot-Pik'R) - see the eBay link below and the actual tool is pictured in the lower left corner of the packaging:
Rocky Mountain T-PIK | eBay
I keep a couple of these little tools on zingers, the tips of the tools are slightly rounded (not like a sharp hook) so it can be inserted into a knot to open the knot without damaging the line. If it is so tight one T-Pik won't do the trick, then you insert one from one direction and the other from the other direction and use the 2 tools to open the knot. It takes much less time to open a knot than it did for me to type this explanation.

Now removing a knot from tippet - if you cannot simply back it out by hand then I agree - the damage is already done. Best to just cut out the knot and re-tie, or cut off the tippet and tie on a whole new length of tippet.

My best answer for your question Joe is this - think about the strength of that tippet with a knot in it, and picture the next fish you hook is as big or bigger than the rated test strength of your tippet - before it got a knot! Do you want to risk the biggest fish of a trip (or a lifetime) because you intentionally left a knot in the tippet? Just a thought.
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