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Default Re: need help with waders!

i'd rent and if you could. since you haven't previously needed waders why spend the extra money.

if you are going to buy eventuall, frank left out the hip waders with stocking feet. i have a pair of orvis silver labels that work well, though i took a slo-mo spill in a small stream recently (first time for everything) and got a bucketfull of water into each leg, thoroughly soaking my jeans. still, they are much cooler than chest highs when the weather dictates it. though back to your original point, your main fishing in lakes doens't require waders at all.

if the water isn't cold, i'd simply wet wade in swimming trunks or outdoor specific shorts or even pants like hiker pants which not being cotton will dry out very fast. even if you go this route, i'd highly recommend boots separate from the waders for your visit. the botfoot wader system is great for ease of puttng them on but stocking foot style allows for a more secure fit and safety trumps convenience.

the area you fish will dictate what type of sole you'd need. felt is an overall safe bet but some places require stufs, and aquastealth helps in ways felt cannot. there are always tradeoffs so like i said at the begining, rent if you can and judge what may work best for you.

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