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This is just my point of view... For me the fact a fish take or not an insect is not the result of a suptil nuance of color, but it's the level of emergence... (excuse me for language... )

But red or orange color have importance... No in the difference of sex, but... Allbody knows, the colors of an adult mayfly is darking during its short life... It's why for me red color is important to tye spend (say if you don't understant, my vocabulary)...

But an another thing, for me red and orande color is very important to tye "stillborn flies"... For me this fishing in "emergence" (pêcher en émergente en français) is very importante. In deed "stillborn mayflies" are an easy prey for trout, because it's dead and it float very bottom in coating of water (it's limed between sub-surface and surface)...

Look at this excellente "Stillborn emerger"... The part orange and so brighted imitate the skin (how do you spell this in english ???) keep on the body, the fly dead...

To do :
- thread 8/0
- orange floss thread
- tinsel
- one feather of "olive" CDC
- one feather of grey CDC
- Brown dubbing of hare

Click the image to open in full size.

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