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Re: Leaders and Tippet Material

Hi Axle, I have used Cabelas Tapered leaders and added a larger butt section and a longer tippet,I used P-Line Flora and never had a problem with the different materials,if your knots are good that is what counts,as far as your dark green line is concerned,Cabelas makes a light weight strike indicator,one side Flor yellow the other side Flor red,it is made from foam and is slotted,you can install it anywhere on your leader after your fly is tied on,inside it has a rubber band insert,all you do is line up the slots and twist the the ends which locks it to your leader,easy to install and easy to remove,I install them on the end of my line where my leader butt connects just past the nail knot.the slightest touch on your fly,dry,wet,streamer,nymph the indicator will twitch. I hopes this helps.

have a good and safe day.

Wayne Valley Fire Service,Valley Springs Calif.
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