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Default Re: Return to the Cape

Back from the Cape. Fishing was good, but only caught one picture worthy fish on the fly. Problem is I did not have my camera. Good story though.

Kayak out to sand bar in saltwater pond on south side of Cape.
Barely get out of kayak without flipping it and dumping all my gear in the water.
Tie kayak to empty boat mooring and start wading to a good spot to ambush cruising stripers coming in on the rising tide.
As I'm stripping line from my reel I see a good sized striper swim past me about 3 ft. away.
Make a frantic cast over my shoulder and land my olive and white clouser about 3 ft. in front and to the left of the fish as its moving away.
See the fish look at it and move on. "@#%&* that's probably the only fish I will see."
Turn away and start stripping more line when BAM!!!
He came back for it!!!
Strip set the hook and let him run into my backing.
Reel, reel, reel. Another run. Reel, reel, reel.
Grab the lip of a 24" striper. Not a keeper, but what fun.

I'll try to be better about taking my camera, but I was glad I did not have it with me when I was trying to get out of the kayak.
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