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Default Re: Help with Fly Fishing in the Great Lakes Surf

I live over here in FIB land and use an Beulah 8/9 switch that I love Beulah Fly Rods, I fish the lower side of michigan and Indiana and the rod is very versitle. I've landed LR browns, steelies and big lake mich carp (20+) with this set up and have yet to encounter anything to big.

I can fish a fairly small trib and then go to a pier head or beach and belt out some surf casting. Rio makes a coldwater striper line specificly made for this type of fishing, I'm gonna try it out this fall, I was overheading a floating line with tips this being my first season trying the open water thing.

Speypages are a good resource as was previously mentioned, try looking over on some gear fishing but they may have some answers for you, an flyfishing eastcoast saltwater forum may also help.
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