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Steve has pretty much covered the waters and warnings I would give. The other thing you need is to buy a Three rivers Wildlife Managment Area Pass. You can get one anywhere that sells OK fishing licenses. It gives you full access to the Three Rivers and Honobia Wildlife Managment areas. It is difficult to tell when you are on the WMA and when you are in the national forest. The fines are stiff, so it is best to go ahead and get the pass so as not to worry. $26.00 for 930,000 acres access is a good deal.

The easiest and safest access for Smallmouth is the Upper Mountain Fork in the "Narrows" area. Head north on Hwy. 259. You will see a large paved area on the right, this is the Old Narrows, a mile farther north is the new Narrows. The Walleye are in this area in Feb. and March. There is also a great Sand Bass run in late Feb. and March, sometimes into April.

Rob Woodruff
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