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Default More distance

I started fly fishing years ago as a kid and have probably ingrained myself with casting flaws that are going to be hard to over come. I was an exclusive trout angler on moderate sized streams so picking up line and laying it down softly was my only concern. If the distance was beyond my normal range I would simply spend more time stalking to get closer.
I guess you would say I'm a so-so angler, about my best day was 19 trout in around two hours. All my casts were 40' or less.
In any event I have since moved to Florida and want to try shallow water salt water fly fishing. Some times you can have reds past 30-40' away but generally a lot more distance is needed. I can presently cast about 30' of line and a 7 1/2- 9' leader without any trouble but longer distances are really giving me trouble. I start overdoing everything, have lousy back casts and all sorts of trouble.
So... how do you cast 60'? Is it possible to do this with a normal cast or do you have to learn how to shoot line? I have tried to speed up the cast, etc but I am still having trouble. I realize this is a tough question because you can't actually see my cast so I guess my question is whether some of you cast and false cast 60' of line in the air or keep it at 30' plus leader and then shoot for more distance. Thanks for any help.
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