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Red Owl,

Since you are fairly new and still young relearning some basics shouldn't be any problem. As already suggested, get a casting dvd. It really doesn't matter if it's Lefty Kreh, Mel Kreiger or Joan Wulff. They all know what they're talking about. I'd actually recommend getting a couple of dvd's, you will pick up a lot from each.

Distance brings out all your casting faults, so if you are having trouble, you need to go back to square one and build from there. Learn the basic cast, then how to shoot line, single & double haul, etc. Don't be in a hurry. Make sure you get the basics down to no-brainers before you try to move ahead. And remember, nothing about casting is hard.

Then once you have your cast down, making a longer cast just becomes a function of using more line.

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