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Well I think what I need are some of those DVD's. I'm going to outline what I have been doing more for others who may be having the same problems. I was having line pile up at the end of my cast- not straightening out and I was working hard, maybe over powering? Then I learned about the double haul and I think I should have waited on that because I have been using the double haul to increase line speed so my casts straightens out however that's it, I'm still only casting 30' of line plus the leader- overall distance 40'. If I try harder than that the line piles up and the double haul doesn't shoot any line for me.
I have watched a few of the You Tube casting videos and realize a good fly caster makes it look easy, it seems the rod isn't even moving that much, so I guess timing is everything.
I agree on the back cast, you need to get that line back and straight if you'll ever make a good forward cast and since I have been focusing on that it has helped.
The start slow and accelerate seems awkward to me, right now I am sort of slowly moving forward about 6", while slightly dropping the hand and then sort of a quick movement ending with a thumb push and finger squeeze. When I see the You Tube videos the movement seems a lot smoother than what I am doing. As I said before I got away with this on trout streams but now I want to cast farther.
Well, as I said I'm going to get some of the DVD's but if some of what I have just posted sounds wrong, all advise welcomed. I'm sure a few others may be going through the same thing. Thanks.
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