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Default Montana Whitefish Invasion

I'm somewhat new to fly fishing (+/- 2 years). I've been living in Missoula, MT for 3 years and have been trying to teach myself; mostly on the Bitterroot. I normally get out about 3 days a week to fish. Normally I'll catch one or two trout in a 4 hour period and that is totally satisfying. But I always catch a TON of whitefish. (probably because nymphing is my go-to tactic if I don't see fish rising)

This culminated yesterday when I caught about 15 whitefish, with one 8 inch cutthroat. I had a HUGE rainbow grab my nymph and jump into the air, but because I didn't have a net it got away while I was trying to grab it. I'm not complaining because any fish is better than no fish, I would just like to see more trout... because I KNOW they're there.

My question is~
Is there some way to "target" trout as opposed to whitefish? I guess they probably eat the same things available in the river. Are there any specific nymphs that trout will go after more-so than whitefish?
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