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Default Re: Head Cement or Super Glue?

I use all 3 at some point in time. I also use rubber cement. Thing is its all in what you are doing. For the flies I tie (which are bigger and for fish with lots of teeth) I often use epoxy or this stuff called hard head. The two dry about the same and give a strong, hard finish on things. Only thing is you must know how it is going to dry. The hard head that I use tends to take longer to dry but dries thinner. Several coats are needed and can kinda be a pain. Epoxys can take forever to dry if you did not mix it right or if you did like I have tried, get a 30 sec epoxy I dont recomend it. Now with super glue I tend to use it on the under sides, or at some place in the fly as an anchering point. Trouble is super glue can become brittle or flake off easy. I've had both happen. For super glue I use Fish'n Glue. Very good stuff and it bonds skin in seconds and has no odder when dry. I have found that a fly will last longer when the base thread is secured by a thin glue then the head is made from epoxy or a head cement. Though its more of a to each his own main thing is to secure what your tieing. One last thing, its also all in what your after and fly type. For big fish that will prob destroy the fly at one hit epoxy is a good idea. I fish mainly for pike in clear water and some bass. Both have yet to show signs of not likeing the way an epoxy/head cement looks. However, I have used rubber cement. Be very carful on what kind you use on this stuff. Some can stay very flexible after dry. This allows for a give in the matterial if needbe but for my apps it just dont work or hold up.
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