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Default Re: Winston Boron IIt or IIx rods?

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and responses. I agree with most everything said. I casted numerous rods before I purchased my ZXL. Looked at Orvis, Scott, T&T, etc. but it really does depend on what you fish and how you cast it to determine the right rod.

He just had a few guys pushing the Winston on him and bashed the Sage ZXL, Z-Axis, and TCR. I told him that was a bunch of bull **** and that I would put Sages line of rods with G5 technology against any rod on the water. I also told him that the reel makes all of the difference too. You aren't going to buy a $700 rod and put an $90 Orvis Bar Stock reel on it. Nothing against that reel but it just doesn't jive with me. If it weren't for the drag on my Tibor reel I would have lost some large fish, especially on the initial take.

Any other reel recommendations would be appreciated too. I have A couple Ross, a few Orvis (when they were still made in England), and now my pride and joy Tibor. Ted Juracsik's detail he puts into his reels and the fact that they are US made still mean a lot to me. Same with Sage rods (at least I know their high end). It blows my mind to think they spend over 30 days hand making each individual rod still.

Thanks again for the input.

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