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Default Re: Winston Boron IIt or IIx rods?

[QUOTE=Frank Whiton;34199]Hi gvillevol,


As far as the ZXL goes, I have been blown away. It is the 8'6" 3wt with a Tibor Light Spring Creek and loaded with Rio Selective Trout II double tapered line. The rod puts the fly exactly where I want it and has done things I wouldn't expect it to do. Fished wide open waters (like the Tuckaseegee River in NC) on windy days and had no problem. I have messed around with a nymph, weight and bead head on and could still double haul it with ease. I also caught two fish over 26" on MLK weekend this past year and although I couldn't horse these fish in the ZXL and Tibor had no problem getting them to the net. Sage is just doing amazing things in my opinion.
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