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Default Re: Franche-Comté (France)

Originally Posted by Taskienne View Post
Yes it's true. The "no-kill" (it's the word to say Cath and Release in Europe) is forbidden by law in Deustchland, you can just kill one trout by a day and return at home !!!

But have you never seen a trout jump out the fishnet ???

But you know, catch and release is not the probleme in Europe for river... There is a lot of agression than pollution of water, dam on river... And contrary at north america, river in europe gone to death, nothing is interressed by fishing and fish... For all it's an stupid activises reserved for old people, it's old-fashioned...

Cioa. Clément

How different. Here in the US, you are highly encouraged to catch and release.

I would also say that in the US, it is the pinnacle of cool to be a fly fisherman.

(but my wife would laugh at me for saying it.)
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