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Default I received my Combo Kit in , now what?

I bought and just received a 'Cheapo' Crystal River Fly fishing Combo Kit, looks like CTFT1 Rod, and a CR-650 Reel, in order to see if I am mature enough at 68, to handle the frustration of fishing with it, or not.
The rod is an 8', and it says on it #6/7 Fly Line.
So, is this supposed to tell me that I need to buy a #6/7 leader, say 9', and weight forward, or Double Taper, and #6/7 Tippit material?
Are all #6/7 Tippit material about the same length, or should I look for a certain length?
I've read where some people say you should have a separate spool for your reel with line that sinks, and I couldn't figure out if I could put a separate spool in this reel, so rather than that, I bought some kind of a wind-up reel, with no crank on e-bay (didn't realize it wasn't a crank type). But, do I need the Tippit Material to sink, or just the Leader to sink?
Sorry to have so dang many questions. I'd love to ask all these questions to a local fish'n shop, instead of bothering y'all, if there was any, but.......
Any help would be much appreciated.
Another thing, has anyone ever fished any lakes or streams in the Carson National Forest, in Northern New Mexico, that could give me some tips on?
Best Regards,
Honest Charlie
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