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Default Re: I received my Combo Kit in , now what?

Hey Thanks guys.
So, I need backing, then line, and then leader, huh? ..........Jeez, this is sure get'n complicated.
There are no Tackle Shops in this Rinky-Dink little town except for Wally Martinez (Wal-Mart), so I'm kinda handicapped what brand I can expect to find, and expert help, or really any kind of help there, is 'nil'.
Thanks for the info on not needing sinking line, just use weights, or another spool or reel. Cool! That will sure make my wife happy.
We just got over that flood here, from the aftermath of Hurricane Dolly, so all the lakes and streams are out of their banks, muddy, and have trees in 'em, so I'm going to Carson National Forest, in Northern N.M. for my first adventure Fly Fishing. Planning on going the first of September.
So, would I need #6 Backing, #6 line, and #6 12' leader, or what do you suggest in the size of, backing, line, and leader so I can look for 'em on e-bay?
Thanks again for your help. Very much!
Honest Charlie
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