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Default My first trip


I went on my first real fishing trip this week in Cody Wyoming, loads of fun and a great learning experience. As an incredibly clumsy newbie here are a couple of personal observations that may or may not be right.

The first thing I did was go into the local fishing store and find out what flies were working. The pictures on the wall and the excitement of the owner got me thinking that catching a fish that week was a guarantee. However when I hit the river I was left thinking "are there any fish in this river?" I am convinced that 90% of that was my own inexperience. Then my rod was crunched in the door of our van, and by the last day I was pretty down, and then I caught a nice Rainbow Trout, but just as I was about to take a picture it squirted out of my hand into the river...bummer. As I was driving back to the campground it hit me...the real pleasure is just being able to be out on the river with incredible scenery, catching a fish is simply an added bonus (for me). All of the anxiety of catching a fish almost ruined a great experience.

Second, listening to all of the podcasts, reading all of the articles, getting advice from all of the genius from others, means nothing until I got my feet and line wet, and did it for myself. NOW I understand what all of that means. As frustrating and embarrasing it was I would not trade the experience for anything.

Lastly, I stink at nymphing. But there is nothing that I want to learn how to do more.

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