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Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

perfect timing on this thread, I am also looking for a new pair. I have been researching, talking to shop folks, and recently tried a few pairs on. Patagonia, Simms, and Chota, are the ones I have tried. Chota were ok, felt snug in the toe box in a size up and there are a lot of seems on this boot. overall they were the cheepest and a good boot for the money but I dont think i will go with them. I have a fishing buddy who seems to feel like high price boots will break down as fast at mid price boots so more than 200 is too much. Then I slipped on the patagonia rock grip. By far the lightest boot, fit very well and felt like a sneaker. I like to hike and explore small rivers so this boot felt like I could do that, however it also felt like if I stub my toe or get stuck this boot would not do much good in a more major accident. Overall they are pricey but feel great on your foot and have a good repair policy as far as I have heard. Next is simms, I tried headwater and rivershed. Both fit well in a size up, felt very sturdy, well made, heavy, especialy the rivershed. Felt like a boot you could wade through anything in, not much play in the boot, much more of a shat kicker than the patagonia rockhopping boot. The last 2 boots I want to try are Korkers, and Reddington. Im happy this thread popped up when it did, I really want to hear some recomends and get myself into a new pair of....
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