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Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

I agree with Van in regards to Korkers. I'm a big fan...but I will add that they do not support their old versions very well. I have up graded from the orginal up to their Omitrax w/ the BOA. I have not tried their newest version. I was a bit upset when I requested some repairs/parts for some drain vents that were lost after a few months of use. They told me that the parts/repairs could not be done because they no longer made the boots, even though the boots can still be bought at some stores. (Streamborn ver) They are still usable w/o the vents (lost due to poor quality workmenship), I gave them to my son and bought a pair of the Guide boot with the BOA system. I still like the Korkers but don't look for support from Korkers unless you keep up with their latest. Most of us cannot do so.
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