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Default Re: Size #24- #20 flies

Well, I went with just a pair of hemostats- got some that are good enough to hold the hook as long as I was sort of delicate- and, padded the hemostats and put them in a wood working vise- I only wanted to tie about 10 trico #24
I am currently reading Lee Wulff's "Trout on a Fly" and he just used his hands and tied #24's. Man, you have to be really good to do that.
BTW, pretty good book. He notes that caddis swim to the surface and take off, we all know that. When they deposit eggs they dip up and drop, they don't sit on the water like a mayfly. We all know that too. In any event, the point is most caddis flies imitate a resting insect with the wings folded over the back. Interesting. I always thought the adams was a may fly imitation because of the upright wings but I've had some folks say it is a caddis. Wulff wondered if a bivisible actually looks more like a caddis with the wings fluttering than typical elk hair caddis most of us are using.
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