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Default Re: New strike indicator - SNAPZ Strike Indicators

I have been sold on the "Thingamabobber" since it came out. I nymph 95% of the time I fish and have used yarn, putty, stickers, etc., and nothing has even come close to them. They are lightweight, filled with air (designed after the balloon trend), easy to adjust, and float better than any other indicator I've used. They come in two sizes and numerous colors. The greatest thing about them to me is their ease to cast. They're so lightweight it feels like you don't even have anything on. That also makes them super sensitive.

I have also heard some guys say they like "Fish Pimp" strike indicators. They look pretty good although I haven't tried them. I will have to check out the SNAPZ sometime, but it will take a great indicator for me to even think about changing from the "Thingamabobber".
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