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Default Montana dude, checking in..

Hello everyone! Liking the forums so far. There is alot of good info for a novice such as myself. I moved to the Bozeman area from New Mexico around 3 years ago and had never touched a fly rod before. I am in the process of teaching myself the finer points of fly fishing. I'm a paid paramedic and have been all of my adult life. Add to that a wife and two hungry kiddos at home and there isn't much left for proper lessons or guides.

From what I understand I've taken the road less traveled for a noob by concentrating my first couple of years learning how to nymph and have become competent (but not stellar). I have just recently started down the dry fly path and by trial and error am slowly improving day by day.

It looks like I picked a great area to live for the fishing. See you on the river!
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