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Default Hi from western washington

Hi! I have been reading all I can here for a couple weeks and I thought it was time I said hello. I am very new to fly fishing and I love it. My brother showed me some basics and lent me a rod and reel to play with. I have been stumbling around and having a great time with them. I have ben having good luck, catching fish every time I go out even if it is just one or two. Mostly small streams and small rainbows. My fiance just got me a great 4 weight rod and I am hoping my allen real will arrive today. I have not been this excited about a purchase in years.

I have been learning alot from the more experienced folks here and I am looking forward to getting better at choosing flys and finding fish. That bring said, if there are any more experienced people here that would be interested I would love to go out with a real fisherman (or woman) once or twice to see what it is supposed to look like ;-) or just for some company.


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