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Default Re: Better nymphing....need tips

I was having a very hard time with nymphing, but knew that the cold season means all nymphing here, so I went to the river and picked some pockets I knew held fish. I re rigged untill I felt the right depth, tiny snags every now and again, I moved my indicator/hopper around trying to understand the water deapth, after a few days out sticking to it and working on my rig and presentation, it started to click. I find nymphing the hardest part of fly fishing but I do not look at it as aww great, looks like I have to nymph. Its a challenge and can be amazingly productive once the right fly is down deep. Im not shure but i seem to do better when my indicator is close to my fly line maybe 2 feet from my fly line, more or less so i can notice any movement. I also try to high stick, get in close and feel the bite. Good luck
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