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Default Re: ultra light rods for bass, carp

Hello all! I'm Rob and have been addicted to fly fishing for a number of years now. I moved to England in '92 from Arizona to go to law school and discovered the lovely chalk streams here in England. Unfortunately, I have to drive quite a distance to fish for trout. There are numerous lakes in my area that have course fish (Roach, Rudd, Carp, Perch) and I have had to adjust to fishing for these species. What I have discovered is that it is more enjoyable to use ultralight fly rods and line (#00 weight to #4 weight) and have had no problems landing fish up to 10 pounds using this gear. By using ultralight rods and 2 to 4 pound test tippet, I can use more force to land the fish because the ultralight rods protect the tippet and I don't fear breaking the line. I can actually catch more and bigger fish using ultralight. If you feel dubious about this visit Bill Byrd's websight at Ultralight fly fishing for most warmwater, coldwater, plus some saltwater species -- with Bill Byrd and read what he has to say. You might just convert to ultralight full time. Let me know your thoughts on this guys. Cheers.
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